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NEW Treatment Offering: BTL Exilis Ultra 360

The below write-up is the extended version of this Connacht Tribune article that was written by the fabulous Denise McNamara.

In this extended piece, Denise shares her experience from undergoing my newest treatment offering, the BTL Exilis Ultra 360.

If this non-invasive, cutting-edge treatment is something you are interested in trying, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me today. 😊🌷

Published on January 12, 2023

By Denise McNamara

New generation heat targets signs of aging

Carmelita Gibbons was working as an oncology nurse in University Hospital Galway when she decided to pursue her love of skincare. Having gone back to college to further her nursing qualifications while raising two teenagers, returning to study was not as daunting as it might be for others.

But she had to travel to London to train in aesthetics while holding down her full-time role. She then worked on Saturdays at the Galway Skincare and Laser Clinic to deliver hyaluronic injectables and dermal fillers to clients since 2012.

“I’ve always had an interest in looking after skin and prolonging the aging process. I love getting skin to look as good as it can and helping people feel as amazing as they can. In a way it’s an extension of my nursing, helping people, letting them know there is something that can be done and they are in control.”

She took early retirement from UHG in 2019 and opened her own clinic on the Newcastle Road, opposite her old workplace and underneath the Wig Clinic where her patients would visit after losing their hair. And then the lockdown happened.

But that did not deter her from investing €60,000 in the BTL Exilis Ultra 360, a machine said to offer the world’s leading non-invasive body sculpting, skin tightening and facial rejuvenation technology.

“It really does what it’s meant to do. It’s no Mickey Mouse thing,” she confides.

The Corofin therapist explains that the machine uses infiltratory technology that delves deep into the layers of your skin to tighten it with heating and cooling energy.

“Focused energy penetrates the subcutaneous layer, the deepest layer of your skin, and leads to the contraction of fibres in the tissue. When you heat up a fatty cell, it inhibits the ability of that cell to function, the high temperatures hit deep into the fat, and the fat is then dissolved.”

The radio frequency subsequently stimulates the collagen in the skin to retighten areas that have lost their elasticity.

“It’s not instant results. People have to have a bit of patience. With injections you do see instant changes but this does take a bit of time to get the results. But it continues to work after the treatment for at least another 12 weeks.”

There are three different probes for the face, body and vagina. The face probe works on wrinkle reduction and skin rejuvenation. The body probe tightens skin, targets cellulite, and also reduces fat in stubborn areas such as love handles, upper arms and thighs while the vaginal robe improves tightness by 96%, working wonders for post childbirth.

I undergo a complimentary course to check the results for myself, with Carmelita recommending four treatments one week apart, on my face, neck and jawline.

Most of her clients choose the face for the treatment to lessen the appearance of wrinkles, tighten the neck and add lessen the appearance of a double chin. Women and men choose to do a single treatment ahead of a special occasion, give far better results than an intense facial.

“We see good results around the eyes. The neck is hard enough to treat but this really helps with tightening that up. It gives a bit of definition along the jawline. It helps the whole lot really,” she reveals.

The 90-minute treatment is not painful, involving a probe being applied continuously over and back on the skin. But it is hot. In order to take the intense heat better, it is recommended you drink at least a litre of water before lying on the bed.

I actually found it very relaxing as I like heat. But she can turn down the heat at any stage if it becomes too much.

I found after four treatments my skin was much clearer, my puffy eyebags less pronounced and my double chin definitely tightened. One very pleasing effect was on my eye lids, which had become ‘hooded’ or a bit droopy with age. These were much less visible after the four treatments.

Carmelita’s own skin is a testament to her treatments and skincare regime. Her skin absolutely glows. And after a career caring for people at the most stressful time of their lives, her bedside manner is both calm and reassuring.

A single treatment costs €350, a course of four (€1,050) is recommended, witl1 a fifth one free. It is recommended after a course, you undergo one to two treatments a year to maintain the elasticity.

It is pricey, yes, but if you have an aversion to needles like I do, it is one I feel is worth investing in if you want to do something less drastic about keeping the worst aspects of aging at bay.

Even a single treatment can produce results. My cheekbones were certainly more pronounced after just the first one.

For further details contact the Galway Aesthetic Nurse on 087 6133 110 or email

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